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The number one issue that families face today is that they never get enough time together. From work, to running errands, to getting the kiddos to their activities, there never seems to be enough time in the day to sit down as a family and just be together.

Perhaps Dad has to work two jobs to make ends meet, or mom is busy preparing a meal, how nice would it be for everyone to be in one place, at the same time, together enjoying each others company.

Congratulations on taking the first step!

I want to congratulate you, not every day do you see parents taking the initiative to seek out the best QUALITY facility for their families and simply calling the first name that pops up on google. Again, thumbs up for doing your research. When you ask parents what they think about martial arts, they typically say its great for their kids. The biggest thing that most parent’s don’t realize is that doing martial arts together as a family actually helps their children far more than any other activity you could do. I get it, you’re probably reading this thinking of one thing…. how?

What if I told you that its even BETTER for families to train together. What if I told you that you could improve your child’s self esteem by taking classes as a family. What if I told you that your family will be closer than ever, all because your family trains in the martial arts together. What if I told you that your family will laugh, be happier and your overall communication would go through the roof, all because your entire family trained in the martial arts together.

Have you ever experienced any of these things before?

    • Your children asking you to do something, but you “don’t have time”? You catch yourself having to say “maybe later” because your either too tired our you had to bring your work home and can’t find the time to play with the kids?
    • You bring your stress from work home and occasionally it effects your family? Long days at work can take a toll on us. Perhaps the overload of stress followed you home and you catch yourself snapping at your family for the littlest things and it starts to put a strain on your relationships.
    • Your little one asks you for help with something, but you have no idea how to help them or where to begin? We’ve all been there, sometimes math homework seems like it’s from outerspace, or different tasks they need to complete feel overwhelming for you and you dont know what to do.
    • You notice that you and your significant other tend to but heads more often than you’d like? Maybe it seem’s like you can’t catch a break. Your catching yourself arguing more and feeling over stressed and you find yourself saying that it too much for one person, now your relationships are being effected and you dont like it. 

Trust me, YOU’RE NOT ALONE. Check out the benefits, that families JUST LIKE YOUR’S have had the opportunity to experience and see how Martial Arts have helped their families.

What Makes Ring of Fire Different?


Age specific programs that cater to each child’s individual developmental stages


There’s classes for the ENTIRE family!


Material that fine tunes gross motor skills and enhances development.


Our team is dedicated to your success!


We love giving parent’s great valuable resources for raising champion kids!


We’re invested in our community through school talks, outreach programs, we’re building a better tomorrow!

Before You Go Any Further, Watch These Videos!

Learn the right questions to ask, and what to look for. Not all Martial Arts Schools are created equal 🙂


At different ages, kids have different motor skills & levels of intelligence. By breaking kids up based on these scientific facts – and giving them EXACTLY what they need at each level – class becomes more powerful, fun, and easier than ever.

And our curriculum is infused with the latest understandings in child psychology and development. This means that your children are not participating in a “martial arts class” any more…


Martial Arts is not just a “kid” thing or a guy / dad thing, its a mom thing as well! Martial Arts is GREAT for fitness and even better for Self Defense!

Training with other like minded mom’s helps facilitate togetherness and accountability. This means that your able to learn the same useful things that your children are learning AND gain valuable life lessons on self defense and fitness too!


Are you tired of the same ol’ same ol’ routine at the gym, going through the same mundane workout and not seeing the benefits of your hard work? Martial Arts training is one of the BEST exercises there is! PLUS, its a great stress reliever! Have a rough day at the office, no worries, take out your stress on a heavy bag. The gain’s you’ll see from your Martial Arts training can not be matched by any other activity.

Whether your kicking, punching, rolling, or doing callestinics, you’ll never leave your martial arts class feeling like you didn’t experience greatness. That means you’ll actually see results from your training!

So now that we’ve learned that there are so many parents just like you, that have seen tremendous success from our family martial arts program, its time to take action. Whether your goal is to spend more time together as a family, help your child improve their self confidence levels or just have a great activity that everyone can do together, there is something you can do. Hundreds of parents JUST LIKE YOU have enrolled their families in our amazing family martial arts program and not only have they seen a complete turn around in their child’s behavior, but their families dynamic have gone through the roof! We get messages from parents on facebook saying how our martial arts program has helped their family become closer and their children improve in all areas of life, their biggest question is why did it take so long to figure it out?!

Believe me when I say it, Families that Kick together Stick Together!

This is why I’m inviting you to try out my martial arts program for 2 weeks.

Now, you’ll be able to see and experience all of the benefits martial arts can give your entire family without the nervousness or risk. I assure you that martial arts will be one of the BEST gifts you can give your family.

Go ahead and take the first step in trying out our classes by registering and reserving your spot. As a special gift, I’ll even give you a FREE T-Shirt and pants to get you started.

Thank you so much for trying out the benefits that Ring of Fire Martial Arts has to offer. I look forward to teaching your family on our practice floor soon!

Dedicated to helping your family thrive!

Instructor Vincent Duchetta

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