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Your children are your everything, and you only want whats BEST for them. While most after school programs just house kids and let them run around, we are driven to ADD SUBSTANCE TO THEIR LIVES, ENRICH THEIR OVERALL BEING, and CREATE TOMORROW’S LEADERS TODAY.

Choosing an after school program isn’t easy, with all the sales pitches and fluff, everyone is out to make things sound good, but here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you wonder if your children are getting their homework done after school? While most after school programs house kids and put them on the playground for hours, we have a dedicated team of homework specialists that are motivated to help your children reach the pinnacle of their academic success.

Have you ever thought about what your children are REALLY doing after school and wondered if it was really productive? Children learn through play, but structuring play through productive activities helps teach coordination, team work, builds positive reenforcement, leadership, confidence, focus and so much more. Our Martial Arts and Sports Specific programs help cultivate your child’s maximum potential and motivates them to strive for excellence. Surrounding your children with positive role models, they will not only excel in their academics, but will thrive as human beings and become leaders amongst their peers.

If your like MOST Parents we know you only want whats best for your children, settling for a second rate program doesn’t cut it these days. That is why we offer a NO RISK, Money Back Guarantee, 2 WEEK Unlimited Trial so you can see first hand why so many parents JUST LIKE YOU, choose our after school program for their children. Simply click on the get started button below and one of our courteous staff members will arrange a special visit for you and your family!

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Holly Ave, Longley Way, Hugo Reid, Baldwin Stocker, and Camino Grove in Arcadia. Plymouth, Monroe, and Wildrose in Monrovia. La Rosa, and Longden in Temple City

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My 8 year old son attends the after school program. It is awesome! I love that they pick up from my son’s school. The instructors are wonderful and have a great rapport with the kids and parents alike. They have a karate class, healthy snack and supervised homework every day after school. They also have ‘camps’ for times when schools are out. This is the best program for a single parent family EVER. I love that he gets to take karate every day.Angela R
The results that i’ve seen in my children is absolutely incredible. My children get their homework done, come home confident about themselves, get the physical activity that so many kids don’t, and they LOVE their instructors! This has been the BEST investment that my family has made for our children, we can not say thank you enough!Mark M
My son Curtis attends aftercare here, the staff is PHENOMENAL! with the kids, they do not just help them with their homework and keep them safe but also teach them life’s lesson, the positive feedback and encouragement they give each student is like no other place we’ve been.
If you want to see a change in your child for the better, enroll them!

Derrick B

Why Choose Our After School Program

An excellent after school alternative.

Benefit from our proven life-skills, martial arts and sports curriculum.

Daily martial arts and sports specific classes, plus a ton of fun!

Quiet time for your child to get the things that you need done

Exciting fun-filled days in a positive, kid friendly environment.

A highly trained team who cares about your child’s success and well-being!

Tuition & Policies

Calendar & Tuition Breakdown

  • Tuition includes early dismissals, minimum days, parent conferences, professional development, and in-service days at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
  • School holidays are NOT included as part of the tuition unless their scheduled days fall on that school holiday.
  • The tuition does not include school holidays, winter and spring breaks.
  • We do offer winter, spring and summer camp programs as well.
  • All of our programs include FREE transportation of participants.
  • All of our camps and programs include FREE homework assistance.

Tuition Schedule & Requirement

Tuition is payable as follows:

  • Payments are deducted on a weekly basis.
  • Payments are processed via EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) directly from your bank account (you must provide a voided blank check) or through a credit card on file on the 1st of every month beginning October 1st.
  • Payments that do not process or are declined are automatically assessed a $25 processing fee and a $25 late fee.
  • You may cancel with a 30 day notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Holly Ave, Longley Way, Hugo Reid, Baldwin Stocker, and Camino Grove in Arcadia. Plymouth, Monroe, and Wildrose in Monrovia. La Rosa, and Longden in Temple City
Pick up from school
10 min to play
Snack time (parent provided or can purchase prepackaged snack for $1)
45 min homework
Free play or Arts n crafts
Tuesday and Thursday – 30 min karate
Wed – gymnastics/cheer
Friday – fun friday with zumba and games.
Pick up at 6 pm.
NO. The monthly payment you submit for the After School Martial Arts Program covers the some 50 early dismissals, and professional development days and public holidays. The tuition does not cover Spring, Winter and Summer Breaks. We do offer day camps during those breaks for an additional fee.
If a child is sick with fever, diarrhea or flu within a 24-hour period they are requested to not attend the program. If a child becomes ill while at the program parents will be given a phone call to ask pick up their child.
Your child will participate in our traditional martial arts and or sports specific curriculum every day of the week. They will also enjoy the benefits of fitness with Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Dance, Cheerleading, Outdoor Sports and other FUN activities!
Each staff member is provided a set roster of children they are responsible for picking up. If a child is not present, the staff will work with the school to locate that child as well as contacting parents to provide the best service.


All of our After School members are picked up from school daily. Never worry if your child missed the bus. Know that your children are in the best hands possible. Safety is our main priority as all of our staff members are CPR certified and give your children their full attention. Feel safe knowing that your children are taken care of.

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