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Did you know that you can burn an amazing 800 calories in this one hour martial arts based workout! Got your attention? Here’s how: It addresses the major training elements to optimal health: Cardiovascular, Strength and Flexibility

Have you ever experienced any of the following:
    • Having a hard time staying awake during the day? Your constantly having to find ways to stay awake, half way through the day you find yourself dozing off.
    • Those jeans just don’t fit the way they used to? Your favorite pair of jeans, they sit in your closet staring at you ever time your looking for something to wear. You want to wear them, but there’s one small problem…. they don’t fit.
    • Stess Levels from work impacting other areas of life? You’re banging your head against the wall, major deadlines due at work, stress levels through the roof and you can’t seem to find the solution? Ever been there?
    • Low Self Esteem? Maybe your clothes don’t fit the way they once did or it seems like life is handing you one lemon after another, or maynbe you feel that your just not good enough.
    • You can’t keep up with your kids anymore? Have you ever had your kids ask you to play with them and your finding yourself having to take one to many breaks just to catch your breath? Maybe your energy levels just aren’t where they use to be 5, 10 or 15 years ago.


Our Muay Thai program creates a positive mindset to help you get the most out of your workout. High energy music motivates you as you warm up. Our instructors make you feel like you have your own personal trainer getting your heart rate up and burning major calories with loves of drills! Improve your core strength and tone every inch of your body as you finish with boot camp style calisthenics. Change your life and body with Muay Thai Kickboxing!

Learn how Muay Thai has transformed the lives of thousands of people just like you!

Studies show that people who are active have less stress, burn more calories on a daily basis, and live a healthier lifestyle.

cmac-tickMuscle Toning
cmac-tickFull Body Workout
cmac-tickImproved Balance
cmac-tickHave Fun
cmac-tickIncrease Flexibility

cmac-tickImproved Stamina & Agility
cmac-tickReinvigorates Motivation to Exercise
cmac-tickFeel Apart of Something Positive
cmac-tickImprove All Areas of Life

The Secret of Muay Thai

Although Muay Thai is a traditional Martial Art, the benefits go far beyond modern self defense where just about anyone can gain something from continuous training.

Utilizing Punches, Kicks, Knees and Elbows your not only learning one of the most effective martial arts, but you’re also getting a total body workout. Increased Cardiovascular Conditioning, Improved Leg and Core Strength, Increased Hip Mobility and of course Stress Relief. No need to spend countless hours in the gym wasting your time without seeing results. The Muay Thai class format maximizes the growth and development of each participant, which ultimately produces the maximum result.

6 MAJOR Benefits of Muay Thai!

Studies show that people who are active have less stress, burn more calories on a daily basis, and live a healthier lifestyle.

Melt Fat Fast!

Most people buy gym memberships hoping to get in shape and lose those few extra pounds. But over time, they suffer from what is called “gym boredom”. Lifting weights and doing the same thing over and over isn’t challenging nore motivating. Muay Thai Kickboxing however combines a cardio intense session with a testing muscle workout giving you the results you’ve been searching for. Burn over 800+ calories a hour with this amazing workout and watch those extra pounds melt away!.

Self Defense for the Real World

People automatically think that Muay Thai Kickboxing is just an aerobic exercise, a great workout and something to do to get in shape. However, the self defense that is learned is not only useful, but extremely practical! It is very important for people to understand why they are doing certain moves and have a general knowledge of the body mechanics that are being utilized through out their training.

Not only will you leave having had one of the BEST workouts of your life, you’ll know that you now have the tools necessary to keep yourself safe and be confident that you can do so.

Tone Your Entire Body

The biggest benefit of Muay Thai Kickboxing is that the workouts target EVERY MUSCLE IN YOUR BODY! By utilizing various punch-kick combinations, it forces you to engage all your muscles, resulting in a strong core, toned glutes, rock solid arms, and that physique you’ve been searching for.

Stress Relief

Muay Thai Kickboxing, like any form of exercise, releases endorphins into your bloodstream that act as “mood boosters” and provides a de-stress hormone into your body. The act of punching and kicking is invigorating and a brilliant medium to relive built up stress and tension over time. Not only will you feel refreshed and reinvigorated after class, you’ll have a blast doing it!

Increased Energy Levels

Exercise increases Energy Levels, something that most Adults could use. Improvements in Productivity come with enhanced energy levels, now you are more likely to be alert and get things done efficiently.

Improved Circulation and Coordination

Most forms of exercise don’t necessarily promote great hand eye coordination. Lift this, press that, push this, pull that, those are basic movements that we do on a daily basis. By utilizing both hand and foot through the punches and kicking techniques, your not only toning your body but improving your balance and coordination. Reflexes are heightened and sharpened throughout each routine. Aside from increased coordination, the constant movement helps circulate your blood through out your body and provide you with feeling better all over!

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