Find Out Why Elite Youth Summer Camps are THE Destination for YOUR CHILD’S ULTIMATE SUMMER EXPERIENCE!

Discover How To Avoid ANOTHER Summer Of “I’m Board!”

What To Do With The Kids This Summer?

The BIG 2 Questions:
    • Will Your Summer Camp Be Worth It?? Lets face it…. most summer camps don’t live up to their promises. Its sad they end up just “warehousing” kids for the summer!
    • What are the qualifications of the people and instructors that my child will be spending their entire summer with?

Here’s the thing.

Camps that just “warehouse” kids for the summer and simply “employ their counselors for the summer” may work great for the “majority.” But what if that’s not how you want your child to spend their summer?

Are you looking for something a little more EXCLUSIVE?

Would you be happy to see your child grow mentally and physically over the course of the summer?

Would you like your child to learn success and character building skills while having a ton of fun?

Are you looking for a more “private atmosphere” where your child can get the attention they need to boost their self-confidence?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you should consider applying for one of the few spots in our extremely exclusive summer camps.

In these special summer camps we build young winners over the course of the summer.

Your Child Will:
  • Build Agility, Speed, Balance, Endurance and Strength with fun drills. Individually designed by many of our world class special guests!
  • Learn Conflict Resolution, Communication, and Anger Management Skills in a fun way with Instructors that understand kids.
  • Learn the skills that might save your child’s life, without being frightened in the process.
  • Learn not only the most modern and practical self-defense skills, but also the fun and exciting stuff too – flips, flying kicks, just to mention a few.
  • Be mentored by positive adult role models and teenage black belts who are on their way to college after making the kinds of choices we hope all kids will make during those years!

Give your Child their DREAM Summer

The Wrong Camp Can Put Your Child At Risk!

Of course – there’s no shortage of options for you when it comes to summer camps. There are music camps, academic camps, and the list goes on. The major problem is that these camps lean to far to one side.


Some lean totally toward the academics which results in bored kids with a bunch of stored up energy and frustration. You know where they’re going to let that out right?? WHEN THEY GET HOME!

Some lean totally toward the sports and don’t challenge the kids mentally. This approach makes it harder when back to school time comes around!

Other camps are just glorified baby-sitters where overall leadership is lacking!

The BEST Option is Really Right In Your Hands!

… And that’s to combine summer time fin with sports and martial arts along with mental training that will enhance your child’s mind for back to school time.

Then – when you add in the success skills component of teaching the campers about..

• Self-Respect • Self-Discipline • Self-Confidence • AND MORE!!!

You get a winning formula and experience that cant be matched!

No other camp in the Arcadia area combines the physical, mental and life skills of martial arts training with summer fun and academic challenges.

With this formula the end result is a child who is positively impacted for the rest of their life!

You really couldn’t ask for anything else, could you?

Elite Youth Summer Camp is currently taking open early bird enrollment for the 2017 summer!

Space is limited per camp, register TODAY, spots fill up VERY FAST!! Last year we were completely sold out by May!

It’s probably safe to say that you haven’t made a decision yet about summer camp. So it’s not too late! But please hurry!

Click Register Now! Or Call (626)786-1211

Give your Child their DREAM Summer

Summer Camp Details

  • Camp Times: Doors Open at 7:00am / Parent pick up 6:00pm
  • Sack Lunch Mon-Thur w/2 snacks. (no sharing of food)
  • Fun Fridays in the Kid Cave / Pizza / Games / Crafts / etc
  • Fun Educational Field Trips Planned for the whole summer!
  • 11 EXCITING weeks of Summer Camp
  • Martial Arts / Gymnastics / Dance / Sports Specific Themes / and so much more!

Registration Options

  • Weekly / Daily / All Inclusive Rates Available
  • Family Options Available!
  • 1st Family Member (Reg price)
    2nd Family Member (25% off)
    3rd Family Member (50% off)
    4th Family Member (75% off)
    5th Family Member (FREE)

Summer Camp HQ

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